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The Inner Strength Network (I.S.N) was set up with the aim of supporting women and girls and their families to overcome difficult moments in their lives. We are committed to gender equality issues working in the community in order to improve women's and girls' aspirations, their physical and emotional health and well-being and to support families who have been placed at a disadvantage, discriminated or faced injustice. 

Annual report 2019/20


Anjee.          Girls Coordinator

Camz            Women's Coordinator 

Eli                  Caseworker / Translator

Josephine:   Accounts

Yasmin        Admin

We have an amazing board of professionals, many of which are specialists in their field.

Graduate from a year volunteering in marketing from a university graduate who wanted to volunteer with ISN

"I wanted to say thank you so much for giving me such an amazing opportunity to volunteer for ISN.  I have learned so much from you.   I feel 100 times more confident in my skills and myself since joining ISN.  Thank you so much." Gemma


 Our Partners include the following;

 Children in Need


 Merton Giving ( Merton Voluntary Council)

 Wimbledon Foundation

 Safer Merton partnership

            Hate crime strategy group    

        Merton Mental Health Forum

        Local  Women's Refuge

        London School of Economics

        Merton Health 

        Various Schools across boroughs

        The UK Say No More   

             Fair train silver award obtained

        Continuous Professional Development  member   ( https://cpduk.co.uk/directory/profile/inner-strength-network-cic )

        Thank you for all our former funders and partners which have included Kings College University, Comic Relief, Clarion Futures, and many other amazing organisations which have supported our work.



     Baroness Lawrence of Clarendon, OBE at our ISN launch event in 2012 

     " for me, inner strength can only be described as unwavering faith that gives you the courage to fight"

     Malorie Blackman OBE - ( Former Children's Laureate from 2013 to 2015)  at Kings College University.

    "  you have to believe in yourself, even when nobody else does.."

    Sue Stockdale  ( She became the first British woman to ski to the Magnetic North Pole)  supported ISN.  "the only person who can help you is you"

     Silver Petretti is a woman living with HIV and represented the Global Network of People Living with HIV at the UN

    and many more amazing women and men who support the injustice women and girls and their families face.



  • It is free to become a member of I.S.N
  • When you become a  member you get access to free events.
  • You will be informed first of the discount price offers.
  • You will have the opportunity to participate in fantastic offers.
  • You will have the opportunity to ask a question anonymously ( optional) to support you needs or issue.
  • When you join you get a unique login password ( which you can change straight away). Just cut and past password onto change password and you are good to go.

    Contact: admin@innerstrengthnetwork.com



  • domestic abuse: We support women who have suffered domestic abuse both during and after it has taken place with the aim of helping them to move forward in their lives.
  • for those placed at a disadvantage due to abuse.
  • those who need support with self-esteem and confidence issues
  • parent support
  • Professional business coaching support
  • go into schools/colleges/universities  supporting young people
  • Supervision coaching
  • Supporting CEOs on developing their business especially startups.


  • coaching women who have suffered domestic abuse put their lives back together
  • coaching young people peer sessions
  • mediation in the workplace 
  • Hate crime support
  • BAME and LGBT support


Too many girls are sold the wrong information about their sexuality and we train them on how to love themselves and build resilience.

  • Specific events supporting building self-esteem and confidence/Inspirational events.
  • We deliver training and inspirational events for women and their families to develop self-esteem and employability.
  • We deliver training for parents on e-safety issues.
  • We deliver training to children on safety issues.
  • We provide advocacy support to individuals who request it.
  • We deliver various other empowerment events.


I.S.N provides coaching mentoring and practical support to women and girls (and their families) supporting them to overcome difficult moments in their lives. We support them to find inner strength, build resilience and aspirations. We support  their physical and emotional health and well-being needs.

I.S.N plays a significant role in delivering key aspects of the Government’s Violence Against Women and Girls Strategy in Merton and neighbouring boroughs by supporting women and girls to realise their potential, develop life skills to overcome traumatic situations such as, Child Sexual Exploitation, gender based violence  discrimination; poor mental health, and low self-esteem issues.


1. To be the  leading coaching service in Merton supporting women and girls. 

We are proud to have made a 8 year impact in supporting thousands of women and girls overcome and we are delighted to be recognised as an excellent two tier service for mental health support to young people, to business women and to our women who have suffered domestic abuse.

2. To support other organisations to be the best they can be helping the community we serve.

We continue to help CEO's in business learn how to maintain their wellness in the midst of dealing with difficult situations in the workplace. This includes helping headteachers, voluntary organisations and other charities. Some of these organisations have gone on to win awards and have grown a successful business.

3. We support young people on how to stay safe using excellent ISN resillence prevention training.

We are delighted that schools within Merton and across boroughs have found our resillence programmes helpful to their students during transition, during difficult problems young people face, during trauma. These sessions focus on self esteem and confidence for both boys and girls in schools.

4. We believe in supporting women and girls to excel even after abuse.

This is includes helping them to get jobs, volunteer, set up their own business, go back to college/university and much more. 

We believe in coaching you to success and  supporting you to build;

Character in your organisation;

Competence as individuals ( by enhancing your skills) and;

Creativity supporting well-being, enhanced discussion and events

Our Team

Our Board

Jennifer Brown         

Gifty Asamoah                      

Maureen Bailey           CEO

Melanie Monaghan     Chair

Diane Nelson            

Paul Bailey     Adviser to Board


for any complaints please contact board@innerstrengthnetwork.com or write to board @ vestry hall, 366 London Road, CR4 3UD

About CEO

Maureen Bailey  FRSA LLB (Hons)  is an award-winning experienced women and equalities specialist with over 25 years' experience. She fully supports other women’s organisations.  She tackles the whole life development issues empowering all to excel.   She is the CEO and Founder of the Inner Strength Network, The Leading ladies’ programmes, and the YASS programmes within schools raising awareness on healthy relationships and prevention against child sexual exploitation. She was the first Head of Women's Issues Network for the Ministry of Justice and acted as an advisor to other government departments to set up effective networks. Maureen has a passion for building self-esteem, overcoming abusive situations, and working effectively within the workplace. She is a coach. mentor, trainer providing one-to-one support for women and girls, including professionals. In recognition of her success and achievements, Maureen was awarded the International Women of Excellence, Humanitarian Woman of the Year Award in 2008. She is  a Fellow of the Royal Institute of Arts. (RSA) and is the Chair at the Merton Hate Crime Strategic Group.

Operational Team

Anjee.          Girls Coordinator

Camz              Women's Coordinator 

Eli                   Caseworker / Translator

Josephine:       Accounts

Yasmin           Support

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