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Women's refuge supported by Wimbledon 2017
04 Jul 2017
The Wimbledon tennis championships are a global event that bring drama, fans, and a boost to the south west London economy every year.

But the tournament is also helping to bring much needed assistance to those who need it most in Merton and Wandsworth.

When tournament visitors have had their fill of tennis their tickets are put up for resale and the proceeds are distributed to charitable causes by the Wimbledon Foundation, the charitable arm of the All England Club.

The foundation was established in 2013 and last year donated £700,000 to charity, with more than half of that money going directly towards helping 5,250 people in Merton and Wandsworth.

This year the Wimbledon Foundation has already awarded grants totalling £50,000 to 12 Merton and Wandsworth community organisations to help those most in need.

One of these organisations is the Inner Strength Network, which provides support for vulnerable women who have suffered domestic abuse, and whose CEO, Maureen Bailey, witnesses the benefits of the donation.

She said: “We go into the refuge in Wimbledon and coach women to help them to get jobs, so they can start to change their lives around, come out of depression and build self-esteem.

“We see some awful situations through domestic and sexual abuse, some are too scared to go outside or even answer the phone.

“But these women have got jobs now, they have got houses, they are living their lives again and they’re free.

“They are happy, they are not afraid anymore and that’s down to support from the Wimbledon Foundation.”

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