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Never to late to tell campaign
11 Feb 2017

The  Never Too Late To Tell campaign itv.com/loosewomen/nev… via @loosewomen speak about not being afraid to speak up even though it has been years since the assault.

This is so true; A few year ago  a beautiful person arrived at the inner strength doors asking for help.  She was in total confusion and couldn't quite understand why.   After the few sessions of coaching she shared her experience of abuse when she was young. She finished the session and said she knew what she had to do now with her life. I told her to  keep in touch.  A few years later whilst I was taking a well deserved rest on a beach  I received a whats up message from her - Thanking me.  She said " after the coaching she reported her rape and took out  a criminal case against the abusers and they were sentenced and put in jail on the same day she sent me the message.  She explained how the weight had been lifted and now she felt free and she wanted to say thank you.  She had the courage and she found the strength.  I cried with joy.   Indeed  "Its never too late to tell". 

She found the courage and found the strength
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