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ISN working together with children and young people on prevention issues supporting the community
04 Jul 2017

ISN  was invited to take part in the Healthy Schools Programme within Merton due to our contribution in working on YASS programme ( You Are Safe, You are Special)  which specifically deals with Child Sexual Exploitation and provides tips to young people as young as 10 on how to protect themselves from abusive behaviour.  

Our programmes have received excellent reviews and has helped to stop  some potentially dangers situations quickly.    " There should always be a safe space for young people to express what is really going on and that is how we help - listen act and support them"  Maureen Bailey

The community celebrated activities of the year by a fantastic event in the community aimed at keeping our community safe.  ISN worked together with Merton Voluntary Community Council, Healthwatch, Police,  and many other voluntary organisations.

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