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Girls with A.S.D
12 Feb 2017

I have two amazing daughters and my youngest daughter at the age of  7 she was diagnosed with A.S.D.   For many years we fought for support and this was incredibly difficult for my husband and I.  I just wanted to say to those who are still fighting for support that there are some really good organisations out there now  The Curly Hair Project really enlightened my eyes a year ago.  I decided to take my eldest daughter with me to one of their sessions as we both wanted to understand how to deal with the tantrums etc.  It was like my eyes had been opened and the jigsaw was fitted together.   We recognise that not all girls are the same but she explained a few tips to help parents.

1 )  Time- when you keep a person with A.S.D waiting even if its for 5 minutes this can cause great anxiety for them,

2)  Tantrums- when they are at breaking point and they start to vent, leave them, give them space and they will calm down themselves. 

3)  Trust - they vent because they trust the space they are in. They feel safe to do so because they love you and trust you the most.

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