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The Inner Strength Network (I.S.N) was set up with the aim of supporting women and girls and their families on gender equality issues. We are committed to working in the community in order to improve women and girls aspirations, their physical and emotional health and well-being and to support families to overcome difficult moments in their lives, discrimination or placed at a disadvantage.


Our Partners include the following;

·         Safer Merton partnership

·         Hate crime strategy group

·         Merton Safer Neighbourhood

·         Merton Accord

·         UKSNM  

·         Clarions Futures 

·         Children in Need – supporting victims of crime

·         Fair train- training volunteers   

C     Continious Professional Development 


  • It is free to become a member of I.S.N
  • When you become a  member you get access to free events.
  • You will be informed first of discount price offers.
  • You will have the opportunity to participate in fantastic offers.
  • You will have the opportunity to ask a question anonymously ( optional) to support you needs or issue.
  • When you join you get a unique login password ( which you can change straight away). Just cut and past password onto change password and you are good to go.

Contact: info@innerstrengthnetwork.com



  • domestic abuse: We support women who have suffered domestic abuse both during and after it has taken place with the aim of helping them to move forward in their lives.
  • for those placed at  disadvantage due to abuse.
  • those who need support with self esteem and confidence issues
  • parent support
  • Professional business coaching support
  • go into schools/colleges/universities  supporting young people


  • go into schools/colleges/universities  supporting young people
  • Staff Empowerment training
  • B.A.M.E (Black Asian Minority Ethnic) Empowerment training
  • LGBT ( Lesbian. Gay. Bisexual. Transgender)


Too many girls are sold the wrong information about their sexuality and  we train them on how to love themselves and build resilience.

  • specific events supporting building self-esteem and confidence/Inspirational events.
  • We deliver training and inspirational events for women and their families to develop self-esteem and employ ability.
  • We deliver training for parents on e-safety issues.
  • We deliver training to children on safety issues.
  • We provide advocacy support to individuals who request it.
  • We deliver  various other  empowerment events.


I.S.N provides practical support, coaching and mentoring to women and girls (and their families) to overcome barriers. We support them to find inner strength,build resilience and build aspirations, In so doing we aim to support their physical and emotional health and well-being.

I.S.N plays a significant role in delivering key aspects of the Government’s Violence Against Women and Girls Strategy in Merton and neighbouring boroughs by supporting women and girls to realise their potential, develop life skills to overcome traumatic situations (including Domestic Violence,Child Sexual Exploitation, other forms of gender based violence and discrimination; poor mental health, and low self-esteem).


To be the  leading coaching service in Merton supporting women and girls

We support other organisations to be the best they can be to support the community.

We support young people on how to stay safe using excellent ISN prevention training.

We believe in supporting women to excel after abuse.

We believe in supporting you to build;

Character in your organisation;

Competence as individuals ( by enhancing your skills) and;

Creativity supporting well-being, enhanced discussion and events

Our Team

Maureen Bailey                     CEO/ Lead Coach

Brooke    Banks                    Admin

CBB                                        Admin

Gemma Laight                     communications/marketing

Our Board

Jennifer Brown        Secretary

Phil Purkiss               Chair

Paul Bailey               Safeguarding lead 

Maureen Bailey       Managing Director

About CEO

Maureen Bailey  FRSA LLB (Hons)  is an award winning experienced women and equalities specialist with over 25 years' experience. She fully supports other women’s organisations.  She tackles the whole life development issues empowering all to excel.   She is the CEO and Founder of the Inner Strength Network, The Leading ladies’ programmes and the YASS programmes within schools raising awareness on healthy relationship and prevention against child sexual exploitation. She was the first Head of Women's Issues Network for the Ministry of Justice and acted as an advisor to other government departments to set up effective networks. Maureen has a passion for building self-esteem, overcoming abusive situations and working effectively within the workplace. She is a coach. mentor, trainer providing one-to-one support for women and girls, including professionals. In recognition of her success and achievements, Maureen was awarded the International Women of Excellence, Humanitarian Woman of the Year Award in 2008. She is a governor and sits on various boards and is now a Fellow of the Royal Institute of Arts. (RSA). 

Vestry Hall, 338 London Road, Mitcham
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+44 7903 737780
Phone: +44 7903 737780
Email: info@innerstrengthnetwork.com
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